TILE AND GROUT                                                                                         Cleaning and grout sealing   1.10 per sq. ft.

                                                                                     WOOD FLOORS                                                                                              Cleaning and Polish .95 per sq. ft.

Rooms up to 200 square feet $49.00
Steps $3.25 per step
Walk-in Closets – Foyer – Landing  $15.00
Area Rugs, Synthetic – (we can pick up) or clean in home    $2.50 per sq. ft.
Oriental Rugs, wool, silk, etc.- (we can pick up)    $3.75 per sq. ft.
Specialized odor treatment   $25.00
Halls, up to 25 feet in length  $25.00
Vacuum  $10.00 per area
Commercial Carpet custom quote available

Sofa, Love Seat, Sectional  $11.00/linear foot
(length of back)
Recliner, End Chair  $35.00
Ottoman  $29.00
Dining Room Chairs – Seat  $10.00
Dining Room Chairs – Seat and Back  $15.00
Fabric Protector   1/2 of cleaning cost
(sq. footage x .50)
Deodorizer/Sanitizer   1/4 of cleaning cost
sq. footage x .25)

King  $40.00 per side
Queen/Full  $30.00 per side
Twin  $25.00 per side


Senior Carpet Cleaning Special                                               10% off

Military Carpet Cleaning Special                                             10% off

Move In/ Move out Special                                                      10% off

                   Carpet Stretching

Full Room Carpet Stretching                                                      $125.00

Partial Room Carpet Stretching                                                 $ 75.00

                       Carpet Square Installations 

  • Pricing depends on carpet selected – all pricing based on square footage – Great pricing                                                                                                            Carpet Repairs
  • We repair bleach stains, burn spots, pet rips, chewing gum, seam repairs, paint removal, epoxy removal, etc.




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